Brexit: What it means for UK-EU energy trade

October 12, 2018 ecod37nur 0

  London’s message on the EU-wide single market for gas and electricity has been consistent: no hard Brexit here, please. But while the British government says it wants to maintain close energy ties after it leaves, […]


Netherlands to test viability of solar roads

September 26, 2018 ecod37nur 0

  Ever since the Netherlands started to see strong development of MW-sized ground-mounted solar plants, thanks to the SDE+ program for large-scale renewables, a discussion on the country’s limited resources, in terms of available land, has […]


No decarbonisation without electrification

September 21, 2018 ecod37nur 0

  Decarbonising Europe’s economy means replacing fossil fuels by renewables wherever possible. And that implies getting much more renewable electricity into heating and transport, writes Giles Dickson. Giles Dickson is CEO of WindEurope, a trade […]