Concerned About GMOs in Your Food?

August 7, 2018 ecodaily 0

  Remember when organic farming took the food world by storm in the 1990s? Farmers markets became all the rage, farm-to-table was the new food craze, and we were left questioning the impact of food […]


Battle Breaks Out Over GMO Labeling

July 7, 2018 ecodaily 0

The USDA comment period on its proposed GMO labeling rule brought in more than 11,000 comments from farm groups, consumers, and multinational companies like Hershey’s. Politico says food manufacturers are at odds with farmers over […]


Are you anti-GMO? Then you’re anti-science, too.

May 23, 2018 ecodaily 0

  In keeping with our era of ideological boycotts, I will no longer be purchasing Kind bars. Or Barilla pasta. Or Triscuit crackers. Or Del Montediced tomatoes. Or Nutro dog food. A one-person boycott, of course, is really just a change in your shopping […]