Brexit: What it means for UK-EU energy trade

October 12, 2018 ecod37nur 0

  London’s message on the EU-wide single market for gas and electricity has been consistent: no hard Brexit here, please. But while the British government says it wants to maintain close energy ties after it leaves, […]


Letters: climate change – the Brexit threat

September 9, 2018 ecod37nur 0

  There is a tacky interface between industry and government when it comes to public health or the environment, and it is abundantly clear that Brexit is fatally shifting the balance towards deregulation (“Green watchdog […]


Nature still abhors a vacuum

August 19, 2018 ecod37nur 0

  There are moments in history when things go wild, when the order of things is being questioned, put in doubt, or actually assailed. Such moments occur when dominant power(s) reach the point of ‘imperial […]