Environmental Pollution Drains Indian Economy, U.N Says

Photo: AFP


New Delhi, Nov 29  —  Environmental pollution caused 220 billion dollars in losses to India by concept of healthcare costs, one of the highest amounts in the world, according to a report from the United Nations published today in this capital. A study from the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) warned that in South Asia, losses exceeded 380 billion dollars

The welfare cost is an economic concept that is estimated on the basis of the money that people spend to prevent premature deaths due to pollution, which is a universal challenge. The governments, companies, cities, local authorities and civil society have the responsibility to commit themselves to fighting that scourge, UNEP Executive Director Erik Solheim underlined.

A recent study published in the medical magazine The Lancet showed that 2.5 million Indians died in 2015 due to smog. Another research by the organization Greenpeace, published early this year, said that 1.2 million people die every year in India due to that problem. The study, entitled ‘Airpocalypse’, notes that none of the 168 cities evaluated in 24 of India’s 29 states complies with the air quality standards prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In January, the Indian Technology Institute of Bombay published another study on the issue, according to which, smog killed more than 80,000 people over 30 years of age in Mumbai and New Delhi, India’s two most populated cities, two times more than in 2005.




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