Three Hectares of Mt. Ciremai Slopes Catch Fire


Mt. Ciremai slopes situated in Majalengka Regency, West Java, caught fire on Saturday (27/8) which scorched three hectares of Mt. Ciremai National Park (TNGC). However, the fire was put down.

“The fire scorched three hectares of TNGC area in Majalengka Regency,” Mt. Ciremai National Park (TNGC) spokesperson Agus Yudantara said on Sunday (27/8).

Agus continued that the fire was originated out of TNGC area, which was in a land owned by local resident, and the fire spread to TNGC. Fortunately it did not spread far since the residents immediately reported the fire.

There were no trees in the scorched area, Agus added. There were only weeds and grass. He continued that TNGC personnel and local residents joint hands to put out the fire.

He further said that on Saturday (27/8) at around 10.00 in the morning, he received another report

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