Rip Currents, Heavy Eainfall Expected As Gert Glances Atlantic Canada


Environment Canada is warning of rip currents, rapidly changing water levels and heavy rainfall in parts of Atlantic Canada today as hurricane Gert glances the region.

The national weather forecaster says while Gert will not have a direct impact on the Atlantic provinces, long-period swells are expected on the southern coasts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland with waves reaching up to four metres in some areas.

It says dangerous rip currents are possible, so residents should be cautious while swimming.

Some moisture from the storm will feed into an approaching non-tropical weather system near eastern Newfoundland, bringing up to 50 millimetres of rain to some areas of that province and up to 100 millimetres in the Northern Peninsula.

Gert may also cause a series of rapid changes in water levels in harbours and inlets in eastern Newfoundland for a few hours late Thursday afternoon or evening.

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