Mumbai Rains to Continue for Another 24 hours


Mumbai rains have displayed a power packed performance during the Monsoon season. So much so, the city received above normal rains between June and September. In fact, several records were also broken during this period.

Now, the official date for the end of Southwest Monsoon has passed. All the rainfall that occurs now will be not be counted in the Monsoon season. However, the maximum city continues to be rainy with many areas receiving good showers.

Mumbai rains continue to be very much present in the city since the beginning of October. Just about a day before Colaba received good rains of 20 mm and Santa Cruz received light rainfall at 2 mm.

These Monsoon rains can be attributed to the cyclonic circulation which is currently over Marathwada and adjoining areas. This system is expected to move towards Mumbai and result in more showers over the maximum city.

During the October, the rainfall amounts drop drastically and the maximum city receives a mere 55 mm of rainfall throughout the month. However, Mumbai is expected to receive some more showers during the next 24 hours.

These rains will be light to moderate in nature. However, the possibility of one or two heavy spells cannot be ruled out. Thereafter, rainfall activity will reduce from Mumbai.

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