Indonesia: Jokowi’s Forest Moratorium Plan is not realistic, damages economy

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JAKARTA  – General Secretary of Indonesia Palm Oil Association (IPOA) North Sumatera, Timbas Ginting said the idea of palm oil moratorium implementation is just to fulfill the Non- Government Organisations (NGOs) is not realistic. [This policy] has no future better goals.

If moratorium is done because of the fire, of course, it is in reverse with the fact saying that based on Global Forest Watch, of 2 million hectares where the fire happened in 2015, the fire just happened in small concession areas. It was only zero point etcetera. “So why should moratorium be implemented?” he said.

He thought, the government is not realistic and does not understand what is the government’s perspective. The data clearly showed, the fire happened in small concession areas.

“To be honest”, Timbas continued, “how wide is the forest in Indonesia to be maintained? If it is calculated simply, for example, the damage in the forest could be about 60 million hectare, the total palm oil areas are about 11 million hectares. Who damages the rests, reaching about 49 million hectares?. That is why I said, the government’s idea is not realistic,”.

He also hoped, the areas having the license could continue to develop. If they are indicated to be in the protected forest, the government could stop and revoke the license. “But every thing might happen for the overlapping policy,” he said.

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