Ebell: Paris Agreement ‘a dead end’

Source: BBC/ Hardtalk


The Paris Agreement on climate change is dead following the election of Donald Trump as the next US President, right-wing MPs in Australia have claimed.

The Republican has dismissed climate change as a “hoax” and pledged to scrap the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “in almost every form” – a move with echoes of Theresa May’s decision to close the UK’s Department for Energy and Climate Change, giving its responsibilities to the new Business Department.

Mr Trump has also appointed one of the most prominent climate change deniers in the US, Myron Ebell, to lead his transition team covering the EPA as he prepares to take office.

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In Australia, the right-of-centre ruling Liberal Party decided to ratify the Paris Agreement.

But some of its MPs suggested the treaty was now dead, just days after it came into force.

George Christensen MP tweeted: “With #ParisAgreement my vote would’ve been no. Australia has ratified but US withdrawal means Paris is cactus.” However he added that he thought parliament should approve treaties already negotiated by the Government.

Fellow Liberal MP Craig Kelly also wrote on Facebook that “Paris is cactus”.

Mr Kelly appeared to suggest he was from the Trump school of climate change denial with the President-elect having bizarrely claimed China is behind the global warming “hoax”.

“I understand the faux outrage those in pockets of the Chinese solar panel manufacturers; they have a guilty conscience – and want silence the debate by yelling insults like ‘you idiot’,” Mr Kelly wrote.

A similar view was echoed by the Trump transition team member in an interview with the BBC on 10 February 2017.

Myron Ebell, who headed Donald Trump’s transition team on environmental policy has told BBC Hardtalk’s Stephen Sackur the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global carbon emissions are a “dead end”.

“I think that the commitments made there are largely on paper and not real. I think every country that wants to have a growing and prosperous economy finds out that these kinds of commitments are a huge obstacle to maintaining economic growth,” he said.

Mr Ebell is well known for his opposition to the scientific consensus on climate change.

President Trump would lead the US and the world to a “brighter future” with less reliance on renewable energy, he said.


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