Baduy Community Performs Reforestation of Ulayat Forest Area


The Baduy community in inner Lebak regency, Banten are behind the environmental movement of forest area by planting various kinds of plants. It is done for the preservation of nature and the environment.

“In order not to cause natural disasters,” said Santa, 46, a Baduy resident in Lebak, Monday, 7/8. The Baduy customary forest area comprises a land area of ​​5,101.85 hectares in accordance with the Regional Regulation (Perda) Number 32 Year 2001.

The Baduy community is committed to keep the forest area around Ulayat land to become green and beautiful. Trees in the forest area of ​​the communal land right should not be chopped down. However, Badui communities are allowed to log trees outside the lands of Ulayat rights areas.

The Baduy community, in addition to planting various types of perennials in customary forest areas, is also outside the area of ​​ulayat rights. Plants grown outside ulayat rights, are an economic investment in the future.

The Production of perennials can produce wood at the age of five to seven years. “We planted 300 hardwood trees this year on the Perum Perhutani field,” Santa said.

Baduy elders along with Kanekes Village Chief, Leuwidamar District, Lebak District said the Baduy community from long ago, until now still maintain and preserve the environment as if it is a pillar of life.

“We really love forests, so we keep and preserve the forest so that it is not damaged,” he said. During this time, the forest and land in the Baduy area is quite good and not damaged.

The upstream area of ​​Baduy has several watersheds (DAS), including Ciujung, Cisimeut, Ciberang, and Cimadur. If, forests and land are damaged in the upstream area then it is certain to cause floods, landslides and droughts.

“We are very committed to preserve the forest and land to anticipate the natural disaster,” he said.

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