Waves of plastic pollution spoil the Dominican Republic’s shores

A 500 strong team of conservationists, locals and the navy has cleared around 60 tonnes of plastic. But the waves of rubbish washed up on the shores every day. The problem could affect tourism to the island, as well as endanger marine and bird life.

Source: Campaigns - The Story of Stuff Project

The Dominican Republic is cleaning up up tonnes of plastic that has spoilt its Caribbean shores, as authorities try to stem the tide of pollution washing up daily.

A team of conversationists from the Parley group has been working with the local navy, Santo Domingo authorities and locals for the job. According to officials, they have already scooped an estimated 60 tonnes of plastic.

More than 500 people have been recruited for the job but waves of new plastic trash appear on a daily basis.

The Dominican Republic is a tourist hotspot that is famous for its golden Caribbean beaches and unspoilt natural paradise. The waves of plastic not only damage the reputation of the island nation but could kill marine and bird life who become entangled in the trash.

Not just a problem for the Dominican Republic, environmentalists say plastic is emerging as a major issue for seas and oceans across the world. Environmental group Parley estimates that at least 5 trillion pieces of plastic weighing over 250,000 tonnes are flowing in the world’s oceans.

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