Palm oil may drop to 2,149 ringgit

August 6, 2018 ecodaily 0

  SINGAPORE (Aug 6): Palm oil may break a support at 2,187 ringgit and drop to 2,149 ringgit per tonne, as suggested by its wave pattern and a projection analysis. The support is provided by […]


Solar-powered irrigation improves farming

August 3, 2018 ecodaily 0

  The solar irrigation system holds huge potential in Bangladesh and can provide sustainable solutions without requiring any fuel, reduce carbon emission and save millions in foreign currency, according to Infrastructure Development Company Ltd (IDCOL). […]


Hospital charged for medical waste

July 22, 2018 ecodaily 0

  BAGUIO CITY — Syringes, dextrose bottles, vials and biological waste found polluting a creek in Tuba town, Benguet province, last week, may have been mixed with soil dug up near a Baguio hospital where […]


Palm oil from illegal areas taints global brands

July 20, 2018 ecodaily 0

  JAKARTA: Palm oil sourced from illegally cleared rainforest areas in Indonesia has flowed through traders to major consumer goods brands despite widespread commitments to cease purchases of non-sustainable oil, a new report says. Palm […]