Indonesia: Legislator Ask PPATK to Freeze flows of NGO Funds



Indonesia. The member of the Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Board (BKSAP) Fadel Muhammad asked the Financial Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center (PPATK) to freeze the flow of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) funds proven to vilify Indonesia abroad. Especially NGOs are getting funding from the EU.

According to Fadel, the NGOs must be dealt with firmly for his attitude of bad-mouthing the Indonesian palm oil industry in Europe.  Moreover, a number of Indonesian NGOs mentioned that oil palm plantations in the country damage the environment.

“It’s getting worse after the NGOs have conveyed incorrect information related to our palm oil in Indonesia,” Fadel told reporters at the House of Representatives, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (23/4/2018).

The Golkar Party politician claimed to have communicated the matter to the PPATK, and he was asked to prepare the letters, and the PPATK will trace the parties who receive the flow of funds from the EU.

“And we can block those who receive money. We have to be firm with them. Funds circulating in Indonesia from their groups are enormous. It must be stopped and captured, “Fadel continued.

The former Gorontalo governor explained that the EU resolution is very harmful to the 50 million people of Indonesia who depend on oil palm, including farmers and laborers. According to him, the EU Parliament Resolution was discriminatory because of the negative NGOs campaign against Indonesian palm oil. Moreover, the funds disbursed to NGOs is very large.

“I found three things about the attitude of the NGOs. First, it turns out that those who publish bad information about Indonesia abroad are paid NGOs. They are paid for business and political interests in Europe. They have mortgaged the good name of Indonesia abroad by harming the people who work in the palm oil industry of Indonesia, “said Fadel.

Fadel explained, the black campaign that continues to be launched by NGOs on Indonesian palm products must be resisted, especially in European countries. “We must make a campaign reply, we have to fight them. We must unite against them. Campaign is against the campaign, “he said.

For that, Fadel and Chairman of BKSAP DPR RI Nurhayati Ali Assegaf (Democrat), and some members of BKSAP DPR RI such as Ariyanto Munawar (PKB), Syaiful Rashid (Gerindra), Abdul Latif Hanafiah (PKB), and Soehartono (NasDem) NGOs reported the matter to PPATK and President Joko Widodo.

For information, the resolution of Palm Oil and Deforestation of the Rainforests proposed by the EU Parliament is based on the allegation that the development of the Indonesian palm oil industry is the main cause of deforestation and climate change. Fadel argues the claims made by NGOs are not correct.

It is considered contrary to the position of the EU that embraces the principle of fair trade (fair trade). Where the European resolution is the ultimate aim of making palm oil the largest producer is Indonesia, is not included as a raw material for the EU biodiesel program in 2020.

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